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I’m a mum-of-four and lost all my teeth as I was too skint for the dentist, now I teach people to embrace their dentures


A MUM-OF-FOUR, 38, opened up about losing her teeth as she couldn’t afford dental treatment and encourages others to feel proud of their dentures.

Jessica, who goes by the name TheQueenOfCorn on TikTok has more than 320k followers on the social media platform thanks to her message.


Jessica shares about her denture journey on TikTok[/caption]


She uploads practical videos as well as funny and inspiring clips[/caption]


Jessica, known as Queen of Corn, wants to encourage others to embrace their dentures[/caption]

On the profile, she said: “I’m just here to inspire, and help others build their #DentureConfidence.”

In one popular video she shows viewers how she puts in her dentures.

She said: “Watch me put in my teeth yo.”

Jessica then shows her preferred brand of denture adhesive – Super Strong Poli Grip powder.


She explained she had already washed and rinsed her mouth and then popped the dentures in to “give the glue something to stick to.”

In the next frame she applies the adhesive to the dentures.

She said: “It’s a lot but I’m trying to cover every bit of the dentures that touch my gums.

“Now for the sake of the video, I’m getting a bunch of glue on my fingers but I will clean that up.

“I almost fill it and then I dump it over the trash.”

She then turns the dentures over the bin to remove the excess powder and then inserts them in to her mouth.

As well as practical videos, Jessica offers support to others with dentures.

In another video, she said: “This is not an easy journey and for those of us that it is easy for, just remember you’re lucky!”

She plans to get her dentures implanted in the future but explained that she was apprehensive about the procedure.

Jessica said: “I’m still terrified to get these implanted.

“I want them implanted but I’m so scared that my body will reject them. I’m just terrified. I keep putting it off and putting it off.”

Fellow TikTokers flocked to show support to Jessica.

One said: “You’re going to do wonderful… just get healthy!”

While another said: “Proud of you.”


She often shares updates on her journey with dentures on TikTok[/caption]


Jessica answers questions from viewers about her experiences[/caption]

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