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‘I’m a mechanic – tyre care formula boosts fuel efficiency, but only if you time it right’

A master-certified mechanic has explained when you should get a tyre alignment service to optimise your car’s fuel economy.

Incorrect alignment can increase tyre wear and, in turn, rolling resistance, forcing an engine to work harder and consume more fuel.

In a TikTok video for his garage, Mercie J Auto Care (@merciejauto), this mechanic, Rick Smith recommends getting an alignment whenever you purchase and install a new set of tyres.

Rick said: “We usually recommend about every two years as far as [alignment] maintenance goes because a number of things can wear on the suspension, or, you can bump things out a little bit and cause a tyre wear or alignment issue there.”

In another TikTok, Rick suggests completing this bi-annual check, even if your vehicle has no significant problems.

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Next, this mechanic clarifies that vibrating steering wheels don’t indicate alignment problems.

Rick says improper alignment is more likely to result in a car drifting to one side or the other when you release its steering wheel.

This experienced automotive professional ends his lesson by urging viewers to always get an alignment after any collision — even light ones — as they can quickly “wipe out tires.”


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