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‘I’m a mechanic – this common sealer could clog up and crack car engines’

“Now this one contains sodium silicone which actually works but if you pour it into a radiator that has antifreeze in it will clog everything up.

“You have to follow directions. Flush out the cooling system and fill it with only water.

“Now once you fill a radiator with just water you pour this in and the sodium silicone will actually harden where the leak is.

“Now eventually you’ll have to empty the system out again and put antifreeze in and then you just pray the sealer holds. 

“Because if you just leave water in it and it gets below 32 degrees Fahrenheit then the water will freeze and your engine will clog up and crack from the ice expanding.”

YouTube viewers quickly praised Scotty for the tip while others shared their own advice. 

One viewer commented: “Thank you thank you thank you I wish I’d known this earlier but I’m glad to know now had to get it repaired the hard way.”

@ColtonRMagby posted: “I’d just drain the water and use air to flush it out and leave it alone until spring or summer.”

@bassmaniacriley69 added: “So glad to live in Florida and not worry about anything freezing.”

@nunninkav reacted: “Take your heater core out of the flow, connect the heater hoses to themselves. These will absolutely clog your heater core.”

However, the leading car service and repair comparison site BookMyGarage claimed that head gasket sealer should only be used as a short-term solution 

They explained: “Head gasket sealer is a substance which you can pour into your radiator to seal small cracks in the head gasket. This should only be seen as a temporary solution to the problem.

“You must have head gasket issues looked at by a professional mechanic to properly fix the issue.”


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