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‘I’m a mechanic – petrol and diesel urged to check five things immediately’

Top mechanic Scotty Kilmer has warned petrol and diesel owners should check five simple components if their car is beginning to lose acceleration.

The expert engineer said a vehicle not accelerating properly could be a sign of issues with vital parts which could need replacing.

Models running slowly could be a sign of small problems with the air filter or spark plugs which may be simple to fix.

However, it could also indicate a major problem with the catalytic converter which can get costly in a major blow.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Scotty urged owners to go through the issues one by one until they could diagnose an issue.

He said: “Okay you’re driving down a road, you step on the gas and your car doesn’t accelerate right, what could be wrong?

“Well, it could be a lot of things but check the simple things, make sure your air filters are clean.

“Make sure your spark plugs aren’t worn out. These are easy to check; they just pop off and you can get right to them.

“Make sure your mass airflow sensor is good, in this case, it has been replaced so it’s not that.

“You could also have a bad oxygen sensor but you can see this one’s new too. It’s all shiny.

“It can also be a catalytic converter that’s starting to clog. If that’s the case your temperature gauge will run slightly higher and you’ll lose acceleration.

“So if you’re lucky you’ll only need a new air filter or spark plugs, or have to clean the mass airflow sensor. Pray it’s one of those.”

BookMyGarage, the leading comparison site for service and repair costs, has revealed the potential scale of the issue.

According to the specialists, switching an air filter could take less than an hour to carry out.

Replacing the part could also be conducted during a full car service with prices tending to range up to £50.

However, the specialists have revealed installing a new catalytic converter could be costly with bills ranging anywhere from £150 to £900 in the UK.

City cars and hatchbacks would likely pay cheaper rates of between £150 and £250 while saloons and estates will have to fork out around £300 to £400.

However, sports and deluxe cars could pay well over £500 with some bills likely to creep over the £1,000 mark.

BookMyGarage warns that catalytic converters are expensive because of the metals fitted inside such as platinum and palladium.

These can be hard to find and cost between £30 and £600 per gram with prices continuing to fluctuate.


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