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‘I’m a mechanic – here’s how motorists can secure a major increase in fuel economy’

A motorist asked Walsall Wood on TikTok: “I think premium is often a [psychological] thing. People think they’re getting better performance etc but isn’t making a [noticeable] difference.”

Speaking on @walsallwood_tyre TikTok channel, Craig explained: “Okay so as with the advertisement for premium fuels the major increase in performance and fuel economy is only going to be noticed if you’re using it all the time because it’s keeping things clean.

“If things are already gummed up inside your engine and you switch over to the high-performance fuel it’s got to clean all that crap out before it can give you its benefits. That’s not going to happen on one tank every 12 months.

“Everyone that says it doesn’t make a difference generally isn’t using it long term and monitoring their miles per gallon.

“You can literally put this stuff in, run it for a month, go and get your car on a rolling road and you will actually see a performance difference involved horsepower being produced as well as miles per gallon.

“Premium fuels, the diesel itself or the fuel itself is no different from what you buy from your standard supermarket fuels.

“However, the amount of additives put into it by companies like Shell and Momentum make it burn cleaner, stronger and better for your engine and eventually better for your wallet as well.”

Road users quickly jumped on the clip with many unveiling their personal experience using the premium fuel.

TikTok user @mynyddmoto446 said: “High octane is just far better, especially in engines that run higher compressions, prevents detonation and helps protect as well as better mpg.”

@scottwilson01 posted: “I put in supermarket diesel in my Vivaro for 2 months, then went back to premium. Omg, there is a big difference.”

But, some were less convinced and claimed there was not enough of a difference to keep paying more.

@muddy__mudskipper remarked: “‘MAJOR’ he says. How about running it for a year and only seeing a marginal improvement? As is what I did.”


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