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I’m a lawyer but I’m sick of not being taken seriously because of how I look, pervy men constantly hit on me


A CRIMINAL defence attorney has revealed what it’s like being a woman in the industry, saying she isn’t taken seriously because of her looks.

The woman, who goes by Rachel Diane on TikTok, uploaded a video about the struggles she faces in the legal industry.


Rachel said she isn’t taken seriously as a lawyer because of her looks[/caption]


She received some of the comments she’s received from male attorneys[/caption]

She said she attended two legal events this week and shared some of the upsetting comments she received while she was there.

Rachel said she was asked whether she was ‘one of the attorney wives’ and had a man say to her ‘Sorry I wasn’t listening cause my god you’re great to look at.’

The comments didn’t end there, as she said someone else said ‘If you go on a date with me, I’ll open doors for you.’


Rachel told viewers she also received an email from a man at one in the morning that he had gotten from her business card asking to meet up with him.

She continued: “Talking about my legal work and I feel him try to slide his hand up my thigh. Email, that he got from my business card, at 1:15am “way? Let’s meet up.

Her eyes look red in the video, which she captioned: “I have nothing to say. You can tell I’ve been crying.”

Rachel then revealed in the comments that she has reached out to the workplaces of the men who were inappropriate with her.

“I did get each mans biz [sic] card during those events. I have contacted their firms and demanded an internal investigation for sexual harassment,” she said.

The video has struck a chord with some of the hundreds of thousands of people that have viewed it, with hundreds having commented.

People shared their support for Rachel and others shared their own similar stories.

“Men assume I’m a paralegal or a legal secretary about half the time I tell them I work for a law firm. Keep your chin up,” one woman said.

“This is exactly why we need more female attorneys. You’re a trailblazer. Thank you!” said another.

“I’m so sorry this happened. to you. I’m a female judge and the legal field is full of misogyny but there are tons of amazing female attorneys,” a third person said.

A fourth person added: “You’re so inspiring. Don’t let the misogyny stop you.”


People showed her their support in the comments[/caption]

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