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‘I’m a lawn pro – here’s my best method to remove moss effectively and stop it returning’

Moss is the name for a collection of non-flowering plants which spread very quickly over undisturbed soil. 

It loves to grow in any moist and shaded areas, making your lawn the perfect environment to thrive. 

Moss can spread quickly to take over your lawn and will slow the growth of freshly planted seed too.

The plant produces spores during the period between April and September, so it’s important to tackle the problem before it spreads.

To do so, follow the advice from lawn specialist and co-founder at GreenPal Gene Caballero below in early spring or late summer to get rid of moss to keep a moss-free lawn.

Gene claimed that “the best method to remove moss from lawns” involves both physical removal and addressing the underlying conditions that favour moss growth. 

Firstly, physically remove the moss by raking it out of your lawn. This can be labour-intensive but is “effective in clearing the immediate problem”.

After removal, Gene urged: “It’s crucial to improve conditions to discourage moss from returning.”

He explained: “Moss thrives in moist, shaded areas with poor soil quality, so addressing these issues is key.”

To do so, aerate your lawn to improve drainage and airflow to the soil. 

If the area is shaded, consider pruning trees to allow more sunlight to reach the grass. 

Additionally, test your soil’s pH as moss prefers acidic conditions. Apply lime to adjust the soil pH to a more neutral level can “discourage moss growth”.

The last step in the moss removal process is to overseed the area with grass that is appropriate for your climate and soil type. 

The specialist claimed that a thick, healthy lawn competes effectively against the battle of moss.

Regular maintenance, including proper watering, mowing, and fertilisation, will keep your lawn robust and less susceptible to moss invasion.


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