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‘I’m a gardening expert – here are four jobs you must get done in June for a lush garden’

To help gardeners prioritise which gardening jobs should be done this month, garden gazebo expert at Gazeboshop, Samantha Richards has shared her top tips.

This includes watering plants, taking softwood cuttings and tying in rose stems.

1. Tye in stems of climbing and rambling roses to supports

The expert explained: “You may have thought you missed the boat for planting luscious blooms this year, but roses can still be planted from pots during June.

“Roses add a level of sophistication and a pop of colour to your outdoor space, and now is the right time to tie in new stems of climbing and rambling roses to supports in order to encourage growth and more flower heads.”

2. Take softwood cuttings of hydrangeas

If you already have hydrangeas in your garden, June is the “ideal” time to take softwood cuttings to help grow even more of the plant.

To take a cutting, start with a pair of clean secateurs and snip off around 10cm of a new, non-flowering shoot just above where it connects to the stem.

The gardening expert said: “Remove lower leaves from the cutting and, for the best results, dip the bottom of your cutting into a rooting hormone before placing it in a clean pot with fresh soil.

“Keep them cool, moist and out of direct sunlight until you’re ready to replant.

3. Water daily

If the weather warms up without little rain, it is important to water outdoor plants daily, checking the soil first.

If the soil is still slightly damp, they may not need water and if you do water them, they may suffer from root rot or wilted leaves.

Samantha noted: “When the weather starts to warm up again throughout June, it’s important to keep an eye out on your water container displays and hanging baskets, being sure to water them regularly.

“If the temperatures are milder, this can be every few weeks but during hot spells, it’s likely to be every day. Remember to skip rainy days to avoid over-watering.”

4. Move citrus plants outside

If any gardeners have been cultivating citrus fruits, June is the time to get them outside.

According to the pro, these plants work best in humid conditions. To create this during warmer weather, stand the tree on a gravel-filled saucer with a water level just below the gravel.

As the water starts to evaporate, it will create humidity around the tree. The expert also advised early morning misting on particularly hot days.


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