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‘I’m a car expert – motorists must do this basic check at home before MOT test’

Motorists have been urged to conduct a simple check on their driveways to help boost their chances of passing an MOT test. 

Experts at VansDirect have warned faulty electrical equipment including issues with car headlights accounts for the majority of defects found during MOT tests. 

The analysis looked at DVSA MOT testing data over the last 12 months, ranking the most common defects found in class 3 and 4 vehicles.

However, the research found that lamps, reflectors, and electrical equipment were the most common problems, accounting for a staggering 25.32 percent of MOT test defects picked up by car mechanics.

But, simply looking into the issue before setting off for a car garage could be vital with road users likely to be able to solve the problem before DVSA engineers start the annual exam.

VansDirect said: “Before your MOT, take a moment to check all your lights, including brake and reverse lights. It’s as simple as switching them on and off, asking a friend or family member to confirm whether they’re working.

“If there is an issue, you can try changing the lightbulb yourself to get ahead of the problem. 

“However, should that quick fix not work, it may signal a wider electrical defect, which might require a trip to the mechanic.”

According to car garage specialists and auto marketplace experts at Halfords, it is “vital” that drivers have working headlights, rear lights and indicators.

They stress that vehicles will “fail its MOT test” if any of your car’s bulbs or lights aren’t working.

Halfords adds that motorists run the risk of being stopped by police officers if they are caught driving without the correct lights on. 

Halfords is just one company which offers a fittings service and can replace bulbs in just minutes at stores across the UK. 

However, car repair and service comparison site BookMyGarage warns that electrical issues may have to be looked at by an auto electrician. 

These are specialists who are qualified to complete a range of electrical repairs such as replacing dues or dodgy wiring. 

They stress that dim headlights or interior lights are certainly one of the common signs drivers need to contact an electrician.

However, road users should expect to pay out between £60 and £130 for every job. 

Those fees may include an extra “call-out charge” but fees will likely depend on the type of job and vehicle.


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