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'I'm a car expert – many people don't know vehicles have three hidden functions'

A motoring expert has revealed that there are some hidden and “magical” features on your car.

The car industry is forever becoming more modern and new technology features are being added to new cars. So, if you have upgraded or purchased a new vehicle in recent times, you may unaware of all the functions your vehicle has.

Qiao Xiao Chequan is an automotive influencer on TikTok (@chequanxiaoqiao) and has shared exactly what features could help you keep your car safe. The content creator uses her platform – where she boats 15.7 million likes on her advice videos and 1.9million followers – to show her viewers functions that many drivers don’t know are hidden. Her tips have been dubbed as “super cool”.

Many cars now have transponder keys – also known as ‘chip keys’ – and the car expert says if you can’t find your vehicle in a car park, the smart key can do the hard work for you. She insists you should “press the lock button on the key and car horn will sound”.

“Now you can easily find your car based on the direction of the sound,” Qiao said.

The motoring content creator, also said that after you lock the car and leave, if someone tries to open your door or the car experiences “abnormal vibrations” the vehicle will sound the alarm frantically to “scare away the bad guys”. “Does your car have this magical feature?,” she added.

Her third tip is to help people feel reassured that their car is locked properly after they have left it in park. Qiao explained: “Do you always worry that your car door is not closed properly? You need to press the lock button on your key. If the car horn does not sound, it means that the car door is not closed properly.”

She insisted you should press the lock button and if you hear the car horn beeping, you “can leave with confidence”, knowing that your car doors are all locked.

Reacting to the video, one individual said: “You are the best! Thank you for all the information.” “It worked for me,” added another.” “Learn something new every day,” wrote a third.

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