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I’m a beautician and one customer came in teaming with eyelash mites – it’s the reason we say you MUST clean your lashes


WE ALL enjoy a bit of pampering, but some beauty treatments require aftercare, something we sometimes forget.

And one beautician, who focuses on lash extensions shared why aftercare is so important after a new client came in with eyelash mites.

tenajbeautee/Tik Tok

One new client came in and showed the signs she had lash mites in her lash extensions[/caption]

tenajbeautee/Tik Tok

Viewers were shocked to find out lash mites causes a build up of skin flakes[/caption]

Lash technician Tenaj Moore, from the US, shared the video on her TikTok account, where it went viral with over three million views.

Tenaj often shares her incredible lash designs on her platform, but she also revealed in the video what can happen if clients don’t look after their extensions properly.

The customer was new to Tenaj, and came in for a refill set after going to a different person for her lash extensions previously.

But the expert was shocked to see the woman had eyelash mites in her set as she had failed to clean them properly.



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In the video, Tenaj said: “This is a judgement free lash page so take it easy on her.

“This is a first time client and her first time getting a refill set, I checked her lashes and she did get lash mites.

“This is why its so important to make sure your clients are washing their lashes and checking their lashes are absolutely clean before you start.”

She shows a close up of her clients’ lashes and you can visibly see lots of dead, flaky skin around the base, an indicator of lash mites.

Although eyelash mites are usually harmless and can help keep your lashes clean as they feed on dead skin and oil, too many can cause problems according to WebMD.

Eyelash mites are invisible to the human eye but having lots of dead skin or dandruff at the base of your lash line can be a sign there are too many lurking around, which can cause irritation and carry bacteria.

People who viewed the video were horrified by the Tenaj’s revelation and many said they wanted their sets removed immediately.

One wrote: “BRB plucking out all my eye lash hair.”

“Yeah this just made me get up & clean my lashes.” Another user commented.

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A third wrote: “Ripping my lashes off now.”

But Tenaj reassured followers in the comments section that this could be avoided so long as you give your lashes a wash once a day to prevent any build up.

Tenaj reassured viewers it could be avoided as long as you wash your lash extensions daily
tenajbeautee/Tik Tok


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