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'I'm a 61-year-old bikini-wearing granny – these 8 exercises will help you stay fit'

A fitness coach, who helps women in their 50s and 60s to stay fit and healthy, has revealed simple at-home exercises to make part of your routine. The 61-year-old bikini-wearing granny believes that “you’re never too old and it’s never too late to start” your fitness journey.

Jacqueline Hooton, the mum-of-five and granny-of-three, practices exercises that focus on maintaining physical function, strength, cardiovascular health, cognitive function and reducing the risk of accelerated ageing.

While the expert does a lot of strength training in the gym, there are also some simple exercises outlined on her Instagram that could be done from the comfort of your home.

The simple movements are perfect for those looking to start their fitness journey, as well as people returning from injury or illness who are needing to rebuild their strength.

What’s more, you don’t need any equipment for this routine other than a sturdy chair and your own body.

1.Stand sit stand

For this movement, the coach sits on the edge of the chair and puts her arm above her chest until she stands up, returning her arms to her side. Then she sits back down and repeats this movement.

This is a part of seven exercises where you complete eight to 12 reps of each, but Hooton said that less is okay too.

2️.Supported split squat

The second exercise requires you to stand tall next to the chair, with your legs spread outwards and your right hand touching the chair. From here, you bend your knees to go down until your knee touches the floor.

3️.Supported side step

You start this exercise by standing tall, with the chair positioned in front of your body and your right hand holding the piece of furniture. Then you use your left foot to step out and bend it in the knee, while tilting your upper half slightly forward.

4. Single leg extension

The coach started this movement by sitting straight on the chair, with her arms crossed on her chest. Then she used her left leg to kick up.

5. Lateral leg raise

Similarly to the supported side step, you start this exercise with the chair in front of you. Then you lift your right leg sideways and return it to the left one.

6. Kick back

For this movement, you tilt your upper half forward, using the chair to support yourself. You bend your right leg and use it to kick back towards your back.

7. Heel raises

The last exercise in this series involves holding the chair that is positioned in front of you and using it to push yourself up so you get on your tiptoes.

8.Dead bug

While dead bug isn’t a part of the previous series, it’s “the one core exercise everyone can benefit from”, according to the coach. Safer than a sit-up, this “deceptively simple” movement will help stabilise your pelvis, strengthen abdominals, reduce back pain, lower injury risk and promote your muscular control.

The fitness coach instructed lying flat face up and bringing your knees up directly above your hips, at a 90-degree angle. You also need to extend your arms vertically. Then, you gently extend the opposite arm and opposite leg, return and change sides.

This will create tension in your tummy muscles by drawing your rib cage slightly downwards. Hooton warned that you shouldn’t let your back arch up throughout the movement.

She recommended performing the dead bug daily for eight to 12 reps, which will see your core “sky rocket”.


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