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I’m 71, but people would never guess it because I still make sure I wear stilettos and tight dresses


GROWING up doesn’t mean you have to slow down, and celebrities these days are proving this. 

With the likes of Madonna, Helen Mirren and Judi Dench constantly on our screens and social media feeds it helps to show us age is just a number. 


Keiko Guest, 71, often shares ‘glow-up’ videos to her thousands of TikTok followers[/caption]


Keiko proves her age is just a number as she dresses up in stilettos and a tight dress[/caption]

And one woman who is proving this is Keiko Guest, who has managed to gather a name for herself on TikTok. 

The 71-year-old American has over 289k followers, and is constantly uploading videos of herself strutting her stuff, doing dances and looking glamorous as ever. 

In one video, she proved that she is still young at heart, as she transforms herself ready to head out.

She did a ‘glow-up’ video on her TikTok page, @keiko.at71, with the hashtag #walkchallenge.


With the camera facing her, she filmed herself first wearing loungewear, which included trackie bottoms and top, and was also wearing no makeup with her hair tied up. 

The subtitles written were: “Walk thru at 71 Take 2.” 

She then filmed herself throwing her stilettos to the floor, as well as her dress, sunglasses, hair piece, and jewellery. 

She then turns the camera on herself and shows off her transformation. 

Her followers can’t believe her age, and are stunned by her glow-up. 

One wrote: “Wow is an understatement, she looks amazing.

71!? Looking like a freshly squeezed 30

TikTok user

Another expressed: “I claim this energy and gorgeousness in my 70s and even now please. You are perfection.”

A third said: “71!? Looking like a freshly squeezed 30 YES!”

“There is NO WAY that you are 71!!! I don’t believe that!! Your (SIC) beautiful!!” a fourth said. 

And another simply wrote: “You killed that Queen.”


She struts her stuff wearing hoops, heels, tight dress and wig for day time glam[/caption]

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