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I’m 25 and already worth £250k, I’ve slashed my bills by 50% and here are my top tips so you can too


A 25-YEAR-OLD marketing manager spilled the beans about how she amassed a net worth of £240,000 in five years by cutting her expenses.

Sydney-based influencer Queenie Tan started building her finances when she started researching and making investments at the age of 19.


Influencer Queenie Tan started building her finances at the age of 19[/caption]


The 25-year-old managed to slash her bills in half with her savvy tips[/caption]

The 25-year-old bought her first property in 2019, putting down a £54k deposit on the £270k house.

In a recent YouTube clip, Queenie explained how she reduced her expenses by 50 per cent in order to make the huge savings.

Home costs

Queenie, who lives with her boyfriend Pablo, kicked things off by explaing that the pair managed to cut their home expenses from £320 a month to £0.

She said: “In February and March, we spent quite a lot of money on home expenses, upgrading our lighting for $900 in total and buying a new bed.

“But since then, we haven’t made any upgrades to our home or furniture.”

She explained that the frugal pair think carefully before making a purchase.

She said: “Before we buy something, we sleep on it always.

“We also put a price on items that we know we do want to ensure we are buying them at a good price, which I do via OzBargains. Recently, we saved £220 off a new vacuum.”


The weekly shop

The savvy spender then said that in order to keep the shopping budget low they make sure not to eat out.

She said: “We cook most of our meals at home, except once a week, when we do like to go out to a restaurant or order takeaway.

“We always make a shopping list of recipes that we want to make and write down all the ingredients we need on AnyList.

“Then, Pablo and I split up to do the shopping and I go to Aldi and he goes to Woolworths. I’ll try to purchase as many things as possible, and Pablo will buy what I can’t get.

“We communicate with each other throughout the shop to find out where is cheaper. It sounds like it takes time, but it’s actually faster as there are two of us, and it always saves us money.”

Queenie and Pablo keep their food spend low by only splashing out on a restaurant or takeaway once a week.


The duo have slashed their subscriptions from £130 to £30 per month by making cutbacks – like leaving the gym.

Queenie said: “We make sure we go through our subscriptions every month, and cancel anything we no longer use.

“At present, we have Amazon Prime for movies, TV shows and delivery. We also have Spotify and we use Audible.”

Personal costs

As the couple weren’t able to pay for haircuts, grooming and entertainment during lockdown they managed to slice their personal costs by more than half.

Queenie said: “We have cut down on all of this by buying some haircare and skin items, so we can do these things at home.”


Given the state of world travel at the moment Queenie has taken the opportunity to save the cash she would have spent on a holiday.

She said: “I use an app to track my expenses called WeMoney. It categorises everything I buy and keeps things on track.”

Catch more top tips from Queenie Tan, on her Instagram and YouTube.


The influencer shares her top money saving tips on YouTube[/caption]


Queenie has saved money as she hasn’t been able to travel in the last year or two[/caption]

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