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IKEA shoppers react with disbelief at man's showroom blunder


The man seemingly did not recognise that customers must pick up their items when at the gigantic warehouse at the end of each store, and instead hauled large units around the building. His mistake was highlighted on TikTok in a viral video, reports Brimingham Live.

It is unclear which store the man had visited but, once there, it appears he didn’t understand IKEA’s process.

The viral clip is captioned with the brutal words: “When you don’t realise you buy the IKEA furniture flat-packed at the end lol.”

“Our IKEA trip yesterday was entertaining…” the person who posted it added.

As the vid went viral, people flocked to have their say – including one who said: “As someone that works at IKEA, it happens more than you think.”

Another added: “The best part is they’ll have been thinking how lucky they were to get the only one left.”

IKEA operates stores worldwide, the first of which opened in Sweden in 1958. It came to the UK – specifically Warrington in Cheshire – in 1987.

There are now 22 stores in the UK, including five in London.

A new branch in Hammersmith, London, will open later this year.

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