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Ignorant Molly-Mae Hague’s claim she does ‘a lot of work’ is rubbish – she does NOTHING


WHOOPS. She did it again.

Only months after attempting to inspire her contemporaries by stating that we all have the ability to achieve whatever we want regardless of background, it appears Molly-Mae Hague has tripped herself up once more.


Influencer Molly Mae says she ‘works her a** off’ and her comments are insulting[/caption]


, I do worry about the diligence and industriousness of young people today[/caption]

As if it wasn’t mindless enough to suggest we all have the “same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce”, suggesting young people can achieve whatever they want if they work hard enough, she has now added ignorance to injury by claiming she works her a**e off.

And she’s not the only one.

This week we also had Kim Kardashian telling us she has the “best” advice for women in business: “Get your a** up and work!”, says she, sitting on the biggest, fattest of a**es, born into a world of wealth and a bevy of staff tending to her every whim.

Without a childcare or money worry in the world, I wonder how that goes down with all the hard-working women juggling kids, work, home and caring duties.

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Hey, Kimmy, you’re so mind-numbingly paralysed by your own lived experience, it’s shockingly insulting.

But back to Molly-Mae. A video clip has emerged of the YouTuber and influencer (with 6.2million followers), claiming that in her role as Creative Director for the fast fashion chain Pretty Little Thing, being asked to think of venues for an upcoming party is “a lot of work”.

It was worryingly insulting on many levels.

At the risk of sounding like my parents, I do worry about the diligence and industriousness of young people today.

I fully acknowledge that one influencer does not make a generation. I am, though, growing increasingly concerned about the next generation’s attitude to work.

There are a lot of incredibly hardworking young people out there. Often, these dedicated youngsters have fought hard against a tide of deprivation.

These are not the children born with silver spoons in their mouths, whose parents have paved a road of generous opportunity for them before they’ve even got out of bed.

For many others – like Molly-Mae, who just by chance became famous as a vlogger and then went on to gain even more notoriety by appearing on Love Island courtesy of a pretty face and a love of fashion – working hard amounts fundamentally to doing “nothing”.

These people are paid money for just existing, and it is this which troubles me.

I am beyond exhausted by all these “manifestations” and “affirmations” people keep throwing around: “anything is possible, if you put your mind to it”.

We need to stop lying. It simply is not true. I’m concerned that those millions of followers who subscribe to Molly-Mae’s and Kim’s way of life — of posing and pouting, of showing and prancing, of travelling and styling — go on to believe that this is all it takes.

Granted, I can attest that the belief that a life in showbiz is one filled with fun, laughter and champagne from morning to night, is often wide of the mark.


There is the assumption that because you are known — photographed and on’t telly — your life is glitzy, glam and is largely spent having grapes peeled for you while you recline on a pink velvet chaise longue.
It is not so.

When I started out 35 years ago, if you wanted to get on, you put your nose to the grindstone and worked with persistence and perseverance.

There was nothing glamorous — regardless of what people think — about those 3.30am alarm calls for breakfast TV that I endured for (a mere) three and a half years.

As a freelancer, I would often go on to do a full day’s work after I’d given the nation their weather forecast for the day.

But with my hand on my heart, every single morning when I went to work as much of the nation slept, I counted my blessings and acknowledged that what I was doing was nothing compared to those taking on proper, real work.

I was a grafter but also knew how fortunate I was. There was no social media in those days, elevating me or others to immediate fame and power. You had to earn it.

Nowadays, the lure of instantaneous fame is not just tempting and alluring, it’s a real possibility.

After all, it must be hell posing in clothes in the heat of Tulum, Mexico, while others are scrambling around for apprenticeships or zero-hours work.

It would be good for Molly-Mae and Kim to remember that talent is all around us. Opportunity is not.


Molly-Mae Hague has claiming that as Creative Director of Pretty Little Thing, being asked to think of venues for an upcoming party is ‘a lot of work’[/caption]


Kim Kardashian this week advised women in business: to ‘Get your a** up and work!’[/caption]


IT’S deeply unfair of me to dislike John Bercow, having never met him.

But perhaps even more unfair was that he was allowed to be such a “serial bully and liar”, as the report by the Parliamentary Commission for Standards AND an Independent Expert Panel concluded.


John Bercow was allowed to be a ‘serial bully and liar’, according to the report by the Parliamentary Commission for Standards[/caption]

This odious man was allowed to rule the House of Commons as Speaker for more than a decade, all the while bullying the staff working in it, who I imagine must be some of the most uncomplaining people in the place.

These are not the MPs but the people who are the real cogs behind the wheel of democracy.

Could it be that Bercow has a bad case of “short man syndrome”?

I always felt he made up for his lack of height with an extra-assertive personality – and that’s being kind because in Bercow’s case, power led to abuse and pomposity.

To make things worse, he refuses to apologise to his victims because the whole affair was a “travesty of justice” and a “vengeful vendetta”.

And that’s the thing about little men like Bercow – they become self-important, bloated, over-bearing and imperious.

I apologise for making a joke about his height.

I shouldn’t have stooped that low.


CAMERON DIAZ has, in recent years, taken a step back from Hollywood, partly because she says she fell victim to “all the societal objectification and exploitations that women are subjected to” and claims to be putting less emphasis on her appearance nowadays.

The actress says she rarely washes her face nowadays. And I get her.


Actress Cameron Diaz has admitted she rarely washes her face since quitting Hollywood[/caption]

With the exception of work commitments, when make-up is a necessity and nigh on obligation, I never wear it.

I slob around in my daily black uniform of baggy leggings, T-shirt and long sleeves. I try to avoid looking in the mirror. Worse still, I don’t shower every day.

I know. Call me filthy. But my dad always said that when you wash, you’re actually removing all the good, natural oils your skin produces.

But then this was the man who washed his shirts by wearing them in the shower (fact) and only ever bought ready-made food and, in turn, claimed you couldn’t actually “make a potato salad”.


ACTORS Ryan Thomas and Tina O’Brien, of Coronation Street fame, share a daughter, Scarlett who is 13.

The couple are no longer together.

EAMONN & JAMES CLARKE. 07774 754185

Ryan Thomas and Tina O’Brien, of Coronation Street fame are no longer together and share a daughter, Scarlett, 13[/caption]


There are suggestions that Tina damaged Ryan’s swanky Range Rover with a baseball bat to the tune of around £1k[/caption]

Apparently, they have a fractious relationship and there are suggestions that Tina damaged Ryan’s swanky Range Rover with a baseball bat to the tune of around £1k.

This may or may not be true. Only one person really knows.

Splitting up and co-parenting a child can be tricky, even in the best of amicable former relationships.

There is a reason why you break up and it seems punitive that you have to go on talking, reasoning, negotiating and compromising with the person you most want to see the back of.

But such is life, and millions of us do it each and every day.

Unsurprising, then, that these two don’t get on – despite having carved out new lives for themselves away from their exes.

But shocking all the same, on account of the fact that in between them stands a teenage girl who doubtless loves both of them in equal measure.

If Tina did rough up Ryan’s car, it might have been a spontaneous, passionate act which her wallet will soon regret.

A smarter, albeit more dangerous and time-consuming mission would have been to sneak into his house and stitch prawn peel and fish bones into the hems of his curtains.

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Like a friend of a friend of mine did when she found out her husband had cheated on her.

Might have taken a while longer but will have had a much longer-lasting effect.

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