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'If children could kill you hers will' Queen 'distressed' by 'grotesque' Andrew scandal


Princess Diana’s biographer Tina Brown described the Prince Andrew controversy as “utterly grotesque” as she sensationally claimed “frankly, if your children can kill you hers will”. She told how the Queen had summoned “all her strength to get through her Platinum Jubilee” to have a “bucket of sleaze emptied over her family”.

Scandal-hit Prince Andrew has scarcely been seen in public since the Queen stripped him of his HRH title, and a number of patronages and affiliations.

Earlier this year, the prince settled the case brought against him by Jeffrey Epstein accuser, Virginia Guiffre, with an out-of-court payment of an estimated £12 million.

The Duke has vehemently denied the allegations brought against him by Ms Guiffre in the New York court. The settlement is not an admission of guilt.

Ms Brown told The Telegraph magazine ahead of the release of her new book, The Palace Papers: “It’s utterly grotesque, the whole Andrew business.

“I was told only yesterday by someone at the Palace just how deeply distressing it has been for the Queen.

“Frankly, if your children can kill you hers will. Here is this remarkable, elderly woman who is summoning all her strength to get through her Platinum Jubilee and then this bucket of sleaze empties over her family.”

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But a royal commentator said the Queen’s decision to travel to London with Prince Andrew and walk down the nave of Westminster Abbey alongside him was a clear show of support to her second son.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, royal expert Richard Ftizwilliams said: “Well, it was her decision and given the circumstances it was her way to show support to him, there is no doubt about it.

“Obviously, as we know, she has mobility issues, but equally it was great to see her for the first time at an official event since October last year.

“But as far as Andrew is concerned, it was her show of support to him, that’s what it was.”

Andrew’s future as a member of the Firm remains unclear, as further public appearances at this year’s Platinum Jubilee events have been touted.

But a day before the memorial service dedicated to his late father, the Duke of York was spotted horseriding with two grooms on the grounds of Windsor.

Ms Brown added: “All he can do now is go riding – Andrew used to absolutely hate riding by the way.

“But he’s doing a lot of it at the moment because the only person who’ll talk to him is the horse.”

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