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‘Ideal’ location to keep potatoes edible for months – and no sprouting or green spots

Potatoes are a super versatile and popular vegetable, but due to being bought in bulk, often get thrown in the bin.

Luckily, according to one expert, there are certain ways to make them last longer, up to three months.

Petar Ivanov, gardening and plant expert at Fantastic Gardeners, said: “Potatoes are one of the most dependable kitchen staple foods in almost any household and, even though they have a pretty long shelf life, storing them properly is very important if you want to extend it even more and preserve their freshness.

“If you’re growing your own potatoes, first consider their variety. Selecting the right potato variety can make a significant difference in their storage.

“Some varieties tend to store better than other ones because of their thicker skins and lower moisture content.

“Then, make sure to choose the ideal storage location, no matter the variety of potato.”

According to Peter, choosing a cool, dark place which is well-ventilated is ideal for potatoes.

They prefer to be stored in areas of the home which aren’t subject to any temperature fluctuations or exposure to direct sunlight.

Suitable locations include basements, root cellars or cool closest as well as cool kitchen cupboards.

The expert added: “Maintain the right temperature and humidity. Once you’ve decided on your storage location, aim to keep the temperature inside it between seven to 10 degrees.

“The humidity levels should be around 90 percent to prevent the potatoes from drying out. A cool and humid environment will help slow down sprouting and prevent shrivelling.”

Britons should also use appropriate containers to store the potatoes. This includes wooden crates, sacks or perforated plastic bags.

This is to prevent the potato from being exposed to direct sunlight which can trigger the production of chlorophyll.

This can cause the vegetable to turn green and develop a bitter taste as well as sprouting, another reason why so many potatoes are thrown away.

It is also advised to store potatoes away from onions because they release gases which accelerate potato sprouting.

This is often a common mistake made by many people as they are often kept in the same cupboard or area of the kitchen.


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