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Iceland shoppers in frenzy over Cadbury's creme egg cakes 'the best one yet'


Cadbury creme eggs cakes are priced at £2 and some shoppers claim they are “amazing”. The Instagram account @Newfoodsuk shared an image online and fans were quick to express their opinion about the product. 

The post read: “We finally got around to trying the new Cadbury creme egg Cakes!

“These had so much more filling than we expected!! 

“Now available at Iceland”

An Instagram user commented: “YUMMMM”

Another said: “Oh good lord” 

A third replied: “They are soooo nice!” 

While a fourth joked: “I refuse to go into our local shop until they finish selling these – they are amazing!!”  

Overwhelming the feedback was positive with many followers tagging friends and family in the post. 

The image was posted earlier today and has already received 1.3k likes. 

However, one review online said: “Too dry and extremely dense.”

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Cadbury fans can also tuck into a range of other treats including creme choc cakes and cupcakes. 

Cadbury also sell mini eggs and a variety of mini eggs products including nest cakes and chocolate gateau. 

Easter Sunday is celebrated on April 4 this year so there is still plenty of time to stock up on goodies. 

Iceland stores and other supermarkets remain open during the lockdown for essential purchases. 

You can find your nearest Iceland supermarket here. 


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