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Iceland launches flash sale with 50% off some products – ends today but more sales coming


Iceland is known for its frequent offers and deals. But on March 5 it launched a new sale that it hopes to re-introduce in the coming weeks.

The offers in the sale included a Chicken Breast Joint for £3 instead of £6 and 100% Fish Fillet Strips Tandoori for £2 instead of £3.

Still available in the sale today are McCain Crispy Skin On Fries for £1.75 down from £2.75 and Curry Chicken Wings for £2 down from £3, plus much more.

Dessert items on offer include a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Pralines Gift Box for £3 down from £4 and a box of four Snickers Chocolate Peanut Ice Creams for £1 down from £2.

Another offer available in the sale is the opportunity to buy two items for £4 or for £5.

You can buy two packs of Müller Corner yoghurts for £5, available in different flavours.

An Iceland spokesperson said that the flash sales were “just one of the ways in which we have been delivering great value for shoppers”.

Iceland has been one of the fastest growing grocers in the pandemic, according to The Grocer.

The food retailer credits this partly to its online expansion, as well as the new stores and customers it has gained through The Food Warehouse.

In January, Iceland employed 1,000 extra delivery drivers and 2,500 more store staff, the latter being recruited to work as online pickers.

In other Iceland news, the food retailer has plenty of offers in store and online ahead of this Sunday’s Mother’s Day.

This week, the food retailer launched its Mother’s Day range, including a £6 breakfast and a selection of delicious cheesecakes.

The breakfast features sausages, eggs, bacon, bread, and fresh juice.

For a late lunch or dinner, Iceland and The Food Warehouse has also put together a chicken roast dinner meal plan.

The dinner features Iceland’s Class A Fresh British Large Whole Chicken for £5, roast potatoes for £1, and Bisto Chicken Gravy Granules, also for a £1.


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