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'I wasn't sure if my husband had cheated on me until I heard the seven-word sentence'

The anguished woman is grappling with suspicions of her partner’s possible infidelity, ignited by a sentence she overheard in a background conversation during a phone call.

Sharing her dilemma on Reddit, the wife revealed that her husband Paul*, who “doesn’t have many friends at all”, has begun to spend time with her divorced colleague Steven*.

One evening while she indulged in “watching Disney plus” at home, Paul and Steven were supposedly having a few drinks at a dive bar.

The situation drew suspicion when Paul had repeatedly ignored her calls late into the night and into the early morning. When he finally answered shortly after 4am, the wife claims to have heard “women’s voices” in the background which left her “immediately apprehensive”.

She recounted: “There is some distortion so I can’t really hear what the women are saying but then very clearly an energetic male voice cuts in with ‘This d**k isn’t going to s**k itself’.” A woman’s voice cuts in again and then Paul hangs up the phone.

The comment she inadvertently heard during the phone call led her to suspect her husband of infidelity. Yet, her husband insists that it was his friend Steven’s voice, who had come upstairs with strippers from the club to coax Paul from where he was dozing on the rooftop patio into joining the festivities.

The wife shared to Reddit: “We’ve never had a debate regarding our views on strip clubs, so this remains a grey area. The fact that he stayed out late alone on a Tuesday, however, is a first.”

The 43-year-old woman, who is feeling “tired and angry”, confronted her husband of nine years about the possible affair but he vehemently denies such a thing has happened.

Her husband claims that his friend’s loud exclamation roused him from his drunken doze on the rooftop of the club, prompting him to pick up her call.

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Paul claimed he “just kind of held the phone in his hand and didn’t say anything because he was drunk, disoriented from waking up, and his buddy was trying to solicit s*x”, and not him. “He thought it was a bad connection and hung up,” the wife parroted his claims.

Torn between seeking a divorce lawyer and reconciling with her husband, the wife is struggling to accept his version of events. Despite acknowledging poor judgement on that evening, “he vehemently maintains he never cheated”, the woman detailed.

On Reddit, users questioned whether the woman could continue in her marriage, given the uncertainty of what transpired that night.

One user commented: “This absolutely sucks because I feel like what can you do? The only way you’ll ever be able to trust him fully is if you’re somehow able to get a video recording of that night, which is most likely impossible.”

Another added: “Going to a strip club until 4am without telling your wife sh*t is enough for me to consider it cheating. He got caught red handed.”

*Names have been changed in this story.


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