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'I refused to give up an airplane seat to a mother and was called horrible'

A woman recalled a heated exchange with a fellow passenger aboard a 10-hour flight and asked internet users whether she did the right thing.

The 25-year-old recalled choosing an aisle seat while booking the trip she went on a week ago.

Incidentally, she was lucky enough to get an empty seat next to her, which allowed her to have an even more comfortable trip.

However, the internet user recalled, that shortly after boarding she was asked by a mother to switch seats with her – an answer that reportedly infuriated the other passenger.

Taking to the Am I The A***ole page on the social media platform Reddit, the internet user claimed: “I booked the aisle seat because I don’t like having to climb over people to go to the restroom!

“We’re about to take off when a mother of I think a nine or so year-old comes up to me and asks if we can switch seats (she had a middle seat) I told her no and I p[retty] liked it for a reason!

“She got very mad and started yelling and her kid was crying, I just put in my headphones and didn’t gaf! When the plane [was] landing I got nasty comments and was called a horrible person and an a***ole! So was I the AH?” (sic)

The internet user added later on that she believed the child was sitting “close to or next to” his mother in the original seating plan.

Responding to a fellow Redditor who believed she didn’t do anything wrong by saying no to the “demand disguised as a question” by the mother, the traveller claimed: “I completely forgot to add why she wanted to switch seats, basically she wanted to be closer to the front so she can get off easier and she booked a back middle seat.”

Many Redditors agreed the traveller was right in not giving her seat up, with one writing: “She wanted you to give up an aisle seat with an empty seat next to it near the front of the plane in exchange for a middle seat towards the back of the plane? Not for a 10-hour flight or even a two-hour flight, nope.

“Putting your headphones on was the best way to handle it. Anyone with her level of entitlement has to be ignored so they’ll get the point that you’re not going to budge.”

Another wrote: “Frankly, even if you didn’t pay extra for it or book it in advance, if the airline assigned it to you, it’s yours. If you want me to switch my seat, it must be a better seat.”

Replying to this comment, yet another Redditor added: “The last part is it. You can’t expect someone to downgrade themselves for you, especially on a 10-hour flight.”


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