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I promise the objects in this mind-bending optical illusion are the SAME color – can you figure out the trick & see it?


A NEW optical illusion is playing tricks on peoples eye’s as they try to figure out if these two baseballs are the same color.

A first glance, the two baseballs look as if they’re completely different colors. However, you need to focus more to see otherwise.

David Novick

This optical illusion makes it seem that the baseballs are two different colors[/caption]

“If you look closely you can see that the balls are overlaid with different colored lines,” said David Novick, a University of Texas professor.

Novick manages his own color illusion website and often shares photos of the illusions he creates.

The image features horizontal lines in multiple colors including red, green, yellow and blue.

The baseball on the left has green and blue lines over it while the one of the right has red and yellow lines.

Because of the different lines on the baseballs, it gives the effect that one baseball is cooler-toned than the other, but if you look past the lines, you see that the baseballs are actually the same color.

Optical illusions have always taken the internet by storm. There’s one illusion test that can reportedly reveal a clue about your heart’s desire and romantic interests.

What you first notice in the optical illusion will reportedly say a lot about your current relationship status.

If you are a woman and first notice the man in the image, it’s likely you have a heightened sexual drive or are looking for a romantic partner, according to Gentside.

On the other hand, if you already have a partner, it means that you feel a deep connection with him or her and things are going well.

If you are a man and see the man first, it could mean you need to take care of your relationships with other men.

If you are a woman and notice the woman first, you probably feel good in your own skin and have positive feminine energy that attracts others.

Finally, if you are a man and see the woman first, you could be wishing for a partner.

Meanwhile, a snowy optical illusion is leaving people baffled and “disoriented” with Facebook users completely divided over what’s shown in the image.

Plus people can’t agree on this baffling picture, so do YOU see a creepy clown face or a cute dog?

And Billie Eilish shares photo of her new trainers and no-one can agree on the colour… so do YOU see pink or green?

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