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I made glazed salmon in the air fryer – it tasted amazing and took eight minutes to cook

Salmon is one of my favourite meals of all time. I usually cook it in the oven and serve it alongside sticky rice and soy sauce.

However, recently, I came across Nigella Lawson’s mirin-glazed salmon recipe and was desperate to give it a try.

Nigella’s recipe involves frying the salmon in a large non-stick pan and warming through the glaze sauce in the same pan.

But having not had much luck with pan-frying salmon, I decided to adapt Nigella’s recipe slightly and cook my fillets in the air fryer.

Using the air fryer does add more time to the overall cooking process, however, I found it was a lot less messy and minimises the risk of a broken salmon fillet.

This recipe serves four but I halved the ingredients so it served just two. You could easily halve or double the ingredients depending on how many people you’re serving.

I didn’t use spring onions but Nigella recommends topping the salmon with fine strips of spring onion to add an extra crunch.

How to make glazed salmon in the air fryer


  • 60 millilitres mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)
  • 50 grams soft light brown sugar
  • 60 millilitres soy sauce
  • Four salmon fillets
  • Two tablespoons rice wine vinegar
  • Optional: One to two spring onions (halved and cut into strips)


1. Firstly, mix the mirin, brown sugar and soy sauce in a shallow dish. I used a pasta dish. Marinate the salmon in the glaze for three minutes on one side and then two minutes on the other.

2. Once marinaded, transfer the salmon to the air fryer and cook it for eight to 10 minutes.

3. While the salmon is cooking, add the remaining glaze to a small saucepan on low heat to warm through with the rice vinegar.

4. Once the salmon is cooked, transfer it to a plate or bowl and top it with the sweet and salty glaze.

I served my salmon dish with Asian-style rice but sticky rice or a salad would work well too.

Nigella also suggested serving the glazed salmon with noodles and sushi ginger.


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