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I have three sneaky tests for every man I match with before a date – I need to know they can protect & provide for me


A SINGLETON has revealed the sneaky “test” she gives to every man she matches with to see if they’re worth dating or not.

Gabby, who is from the US, took to TikTok to reveal her clear list of criteria that she considers before going on a first date with any potential suitor.

Tik Tok/ respectfullygabby

Gabby, who is single and from the US, has taken to TikTok to reveal the strict criteria she uses to test any potential suitor before going on a first date[/caption]

Tik Tok/ respectfullygabby

If the guy fails, Gabby doesn’t bother meeting them – and it’s no surprise her dating strategy has received quite the response online[/caption]

The detailed list is designed to “test” whether the guy is able to provide for and protect her in a relationship, and if he fails, Gabby says she’ll rule him out immediately and not waste her time.

“Here are some tests I play on men in order to see if they’ll be able to provide and protect me,” she explains.

“Because if they’re not, I don’t f***ing need them. You shouldn’t either.”


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Firstly, she says she is looking for her date to pay for the date.

“Let’s stop this conversation and the back and forth, the 50/50, the bullsh***,” she says. “First date, he needs to be paying 100 per cent. And if he’s not then goodbye.”

Next up, she aims to determine how much he cares that she gets home safe – even when she insists there’s no need for him to worry about it.

Speaking of a time she recently tested this on a man she’d spent the night with after meeting in a bar in Miami, she recalls: “As we are leaving, we both had Ubers going separate ways.

“His Uber came first, and he was like, ‘Oh, no, I’ll wait for you.’ Me, in my head, I’m like, ‘Oh no, you don’t have to wait for me.’ Being kind.’

‘And this man gets into his Uber and takes off. It is four a.m. in Miami, Florida, where no good is to come.

“Everything is shut down and I’m standing by myself in the middle of the f***ing street.”

“Immediately no. If you don’t care about my safety and making sure I get into my Uber safely, you’re done.”


She adds: “And then if you don’t go ahead and double check I made it safely? Bye. This man failed my protection test, so he never heard from me again.”

“Men, you need to be walking her to her car, to her Uber, to wherever to make sure she gets home safely. And then text her making sure she gets home safely.”

The final “test” on her criteria is whether her date is a true gentleman and hands over his clothes if she says she’s cold.

She explains: ‘When we’re out, if you have, like, a jacket on, or some kind of overshirt, I will always, without a doubt, say that I’m cold.

‘Cause I wanna see if you will give me the shirt off your back, and if you don’t, you’re dead to me.”

“And then if you do, I won’t take it. ‘Cause h**s don’t get cold.”

Gabby’s video, which has received over 155,000 views, has been inundated with comments, with many approving of her strict criteria.

“If a guy doesn’t make sure I get home safely after our date, I won’t go out with him again, no matter how good the date was,” one wrote.

A second penned: “He needs to pay for every date! I’ve never paid in my entire life.”

A third wrote: “Normally I don’t agree with Tests because it’s all about being sincere..but this is just common sense stuff to look out for the lady your with.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “If a guy doesn’t make sure I get home safely after our date, I won’t go out with him again, no matter how good the date was.”

However, others – primarily men – took to the comments section and had a rather different opinion.

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“Men don’t need to provide and protect for every single woman that they meet,” one person penned. “Your confusing a 1st date with a husband or serious boyfriend.”

A second agreed: “Test this test that. What are we in high school? Stop with the games and communicate!! Way too grown for all this.”

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