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I got face tattoos after beating my addiction – I’ve lost count of my inkings now & I don’t care when rude people stare


FOR most people, tattoos are deeply personal and often a tribute to a loved one or happy time in their lives.

But for Sarah-Jane Howell, her dozens of inkings have an even more poignant meaning than most.


The mum started getting more tattoos after beating her drug addiction[/caption]


She’s been slowly getting more tattoos over the past eight years[/caption]

Speaking to the Daily Star, the 26-year-old – who shares glimpses of her tattoos on her TikTok account – said she got her first piece of body art when she was 18.

But the mum really took it up a notch when she beat her drug addiction a year and a half ago.

She explained: “Drugs are a way to escape reality and when I stopped doing them I got more tattoos because I obviously had more money and time.”

In the past eight years, Sarah-Jane has got everything from her daughter’s name and date of birth to “love is pain” inked on her body.


She recently got a butterfly tattooed on her cheek to cover up an inking of a crying angel.

Sarah-Jane said: “At first I was a bit concerned about walking the street publicly and what people would think. But after a week I got used to it and now I forget I have them to be honest.”

In the past 18 months, the mum says she’s had so many new inkings that she’s forgotten how many she has in total.

But her eye-catching face tattoos also means Sarah-Jane also has to put up with unwanted comments from members of the public.

She continued: “I get stared at and stopped a lot and I had a woman last week who pulled me and asked what my trauma was.

“I usually give a sarcastic answer and I told her it was childhood trauma and she said ‘oh I can see that and I really hope you get better’ and I was like ‘cheers!’”


Sarah-Jane says she is often stared at in public[/caption]

Determined not to let other people’s opinions bother her, Sarah-Jane added: “I just have a laugh with it.”

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