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I get annoyed when people shorten my name – it’s not my fault if they can’t pronounce it


A WOMAN has told of her annoyance when people shorten her name – adding it’s their fault if they can’t pronounce it.

Taking to TikTok, Kashish, who is from the UK, can be seen rolling her eyes and sighing as she says: “Making sure people don’t shorten my ethnic name because it’s their fault they can’t pronounce it.”


Kashish, who is from the UK, took to TikTok and told how it’s annoying when people shorten her ethnic name just because they can’t pronounce it[/caption]


She went on to explain how she often changes it herself for ease when it comes to placing a coffee order[/caption]

In the next clip, she jokes how she often ignores her own advice when it comes to placing a coffee order and admits to giving herself a “yt” name for her Starbucks order.

And when asked by a social media follower how her name is actually pronounced, she explained: “So it’s said kuh-sheesh by like everyone but at home we say Kuh-shish like not much enunciation on the end.”

The post has received over 207,000 likes and has been inundated with comments.

One person asked: “What is your name vs Starbucks name?” 


Kash replied: “Kashish to Katie.”

A second commented: “Tip from a barista – if you pay using the app it will automatically enter your account name so you don’t have to worry about the barista misspelling it.”


A third noted: “Yes but it’s ok, second time YOU choose to do it for your convenience, other people don’t have that right.”

Elsewhere, others took the opportunity to share how their names are often mispronounced.

“Bro people in MY country can’t pronounce my name right,” admitted one. “I’ve been called andina, andia, anandia.. MY NAME IS ANDIANA.”

A second quipped: “My name is Andrine and most of the time ppl get it wrong so I usually just use Natalie lol.”

Meanwhile, a third penned: “From Arshida to Ash- yikes!”

And a fourth added: “My names aleksandra and my teachers would ask if I could go by Alex…”

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