Home World ‘I Fear for My Kids.’ Ukrainians in Kyiv Flee the Capital.

‘I Fear for My Kids.’ Ukrainians in Kyiv Flee the Capital.


As Ukrainians woke up to the noise of the Russian bombardment across the country, many began to flee westward to escape the advancement of Russian troops. Times video journalists spoke to residents crossing the Dnieper River through Kyiv in cars. Buses and cars packed with family members, pets and personal belongings were backed up for miles. Anna, a resident of Chernihiv, was stuck in traffic with her husband and three children — two in another car.

Chernihiv lies in the path of advancing Russian forces and sits in the path of the only road down from the border to Kyiv. “I thought — if I move west — this won’t affect me today or tomorrow,” she said while wiping tears. “I’m sorry, I fear for my kids.”

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