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'I don't have it!' Minister embarrassingly admits Dyson has PM's number but she does not


Caroline Dinenage appeared on Good Morning Britain and was called out by host Kate Garraway when the MP said she did not have Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s number whereas top businessmen like James Dyson do. The awkward encounter was made worse as the minister attempted to backtrack as she realized her mistake but Ms Garraway continued to press the minister to check her phone. Ms Dinenage then looked at her phone as she was asked if she could text him to get him on the ITV show. 

Co-host Sean Fletcher spoke with the minister about the ease in which some businessmen – like Dyson – have contact with heads of government. 

He added he has been conducting work with mental health charities and does not have the luxury of calling the Prime Minister for help. 

Mr Fletcher said: “I’ve dealt with the Government when we were trying to get more money spent on the child mental health services. 

“I met with ministers and I actually thought they didn’t have any understanding of mental health. 

“But I would love the number of Boris Johnson to try and change things for the good of the country but I can’t get that.

“How does this work, why have some people got the number of these very important people – did they hand out the number willy-nilly, what’s the situation?”

Ms Dineage bluntly replied: “Well of course they don’t hand them out willy-nilly I’m not even sure I’ve got the prime minister’s number to be honest with you.”

But as the politician moved on without thinking about what she said, the GMB hosts picked up on her strange admission. 



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