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‘I cried!' Naga Munchetty recalls being left in tears by golfing mishap to Mike Bushell


Delivering the latest sports news, Mike Bushell reported on the PGA Tour golf tournament in Florida which awoke some painful memories in BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty. Mike described how on the course, famous for one of its holes’ green on an island, British golfer Rory McIlroy struggled to get his ball across the water, but not nearly as much as the Korean An Byeong-hun. 

Looking at a clip of the game, Mike commented: “Look, he almost makes it stick with his third attempt but oh dear, it eventually rolls back and takes a dive as well.”

“What a horrible sight, just when you think you finally got it to land on the island green,” he added. 

From her own experience, Naga commented: “It gets in your head, you get really really tense.”

“I mean every golfer has been there. I did it,” she admitted. 

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“I remember playing at a course with water and I think I sent five balls into the water. The air was obviously blue, but I cried,” recalled the presenter. 

Mike then asked her: “So you had to move on?”

“I was in a competition, you had to score and there was no other way than getting it over,” continued Naga.

“Oh dear,” sighed Mike. “I sure there will be a lot of golfers out there with you.”

Elsewhere, on yesterday’s show, Charlie and Naga had a little bit of a spat over Charlie’s enunciation. 

As he started introducing one of the show’s news stories, Charlie said: “There has been a rise in the number of families asking for litter picking kits to help keep their communities clean during lockdown.”

Amused by how Charlie said “litter picking kits,” she asked him: “What are they asking for?”

“Litter picking kits,” he repeated, as a huge smile appeared on Naga’s face. 

“And it’s linked to something you might have seen last week which is a litter cam,” he continued. 

“So now they’ve got…” Naga teased him again as the studio fell into an awkward silence. 

Charlie scoped out his colleague to figure out if she was joking or seriously hadn’t heard what he just said: “Come on!” Charlie. 

“It’s litter picking kits, that’s what they got” he indulged Naga one last time.

BBC Breakfast airs on weekdays at 6am on BBC One. 


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