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I cleaned my microwave in two seconds with kitchen staple and it was as good as new

Using lemons in baking means I often have a couple lying around spare, so I use them in cleaning to avoid waste.

Lemons work great for a variety of jobs, including cleaning wooden chopping boards and cleaning the kettle as well as the microwave.

Due to the citric acid in the fruit, they are both antiseptic and antibacterial, which is ideal for cleaning the home.

Microwaves are swarming with germs and bacteria as well as noticeable food splatters which often occur.

Whilst I wipe it down after every use, it needed a deep clean which is when I decided to use the lemon.

The fruit, which can be picked up for as little as 20p each, can kill bacteria, remove mould and mildew, and even remove rust.

Cutting up a lemon into thin slices, I made sure no pips were present and placed it into a glass bowl along with some warm water.

I then picked a bowl which can withstand the heat in a microwave and placed it into the appliance.

I put the appliance on the hottest setting for around two minutes until there was lots of steam.

After a short time, the water started bubbling and turning a light yellow colour. My kitchen also started filling with a gorgeous lemon scent.

When the two minutes were up, I took the bowl out and took some kitchen roll to wipe around the inside of the appliance.

The grime, which was once stubborn and unable to be removed, was super easy to wipe up, leaving my microwave sparkling.

The steam trapped inside the microwave helps to loosen the grime and grease, allowing for easy cleaning.

What’s more, the lemon can help banish any odours present in the microwave as well as germs.

Lemons can also be used to remove odours from the fridge, clean the dishwasher and freshen up bins.

To use it to clean wooden chopping boards, scrub with the cut side of half lemon and sprinkle salt.

The salt helps to penetrate the chopping board, removing germs and bacteria and the lemon helps to remove odours.


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