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I called the police on my neighbour’s kids – people say I’m an a**hole but I can’t see what I’ve done wrong


A WOMAN has revealed that she phoned the police on her neighbour’s children who were playing outside her home.

Taking to Reddit she explained that she lived in a “semi-poverty stricken area in the UK” where there were plenty of other families with kids ranging in age from eight to 15.


A woman has asked if she’s an a**hole for phoning the police about her neighbour’s kids[/caption]

The problems began when the pandemic hit and the children were being homeschooled by their parents.

She wrote in her post: “Instead of being inside learning, they are out playing in the street. All day long. I mean from 9am till 11pm they are outside.

“They are constantly screaming, shouting and swearing. I’m no prude but hearing an eight year old screaming at her brother that he is ‘a f***ing useless piece of s***’ is a bit much. 

“They enjoy playing ‘chicken’ with the traffic, throwing stones at passing and parked cars, laying in the middle of the road, trying to open car doors, playing with windshield wipers until they break and playing ‘knock-door-run’. This is all day long, 7 days a week.”

The woman explained that many of her fellow neighbours had complained to their parents but to no avail and in the end they made the decision to contact the community police.

She continued: “I didn’t expect much from them, but they actually came out and spoke to the children and their parents. 

“It was basically a slap on the wrist, but the parents are p***ed because ‘no one warned them first’.”

She went on to say that nothing has really changed, but the parents do occasionally pull the kids up when they’re swearing.

However, the woman now questioned whether she had been the one in the wrong after speaking to her sister.

She added: “I was talking about it to my sister and she said that I was the a**hole for not respecting the parents’ position and raising kids is harder than working from home, which I suppose is true but not the point.

“However I do feel a little bad about it now, because maybe I should’ve warned the parents?”

Fellow Redditors were quick to respond with the vast majority agreeing that she wasn’t in the wrong.

Commenting, one wrote: “Some parents can’t live up to their responsibility to their own children, and the surrounding community should respond to that.”

“If the kids continue to act up, continue to involve the authorities,” agreed another.

While a third wrote, “I mean, the parents aren’t oblivious to their children’s behaviour, and if they are, then they need to be more proactive parents.”

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