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Hyperoptic launches stellar cheap broadband deal with a free £50 gift card

Getting broadband for a good price can sometimes seem impossible with the constant price rises – but Hyperoptic has launched a stellar deal that you might want to jump on.

Hyperoptic is known for supplying affordable broadband to various parts of the country at superfast speeds – and it has brought in a great deal if you have been looking to pull away from the usual Virgin Media or Sky packages.

That’s because it is giving away a £50 gift card when you decide to take out one of its cheap broadband packages, with prices starting at just £21.50 a month for 50mbps download speeds – a price some broadband providers can’t match.

You can also choose faster speeds for slightly more including £23 a months for 150mbps and £44 a month for blazing-fast 1 gigabit speeds which is perfect for households who download massive files or regularly watch 4K streamed content. 

The best thing is all you have to do is take out a contract for a minimum of 12 months so you don’t need to worry about committing a long time to the package. 

When you take out either of the packages, you can choose either an Amazon, John Lewis or M&S gift card which will be sent to you after you’re all set up. However, in order to get the gift card, you’ll need to use the promo code HYPERWELCOME when you checkout either of the packages right here.

The only downside to Hyperoptic is that you won’t be able to get it everywhere. It is limited to certain parts of the UK but you can enter your postcode and address right here to check if you can get either of the deals. 

Or if you want to shop around, EE has launched some good early broadband deals as it takes over from BT. Depending on what deal you take out, you could save £13 a month on some of its packages until May 16.


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