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Huw Edwards tells radio station to 'jog on' as they call him out over voting remark


Huw Edwards, 59, was tagged in a tweet from the radio station and didn’t hesitate to correct them over a segment on the BBC. From Sixteen Million Rising’s Twitter page, they shared a graph showing a chart of those who voted for Labour and Conservative in 2017. The graph showed two results from those who voted who held a driving license, and those who didn’t.

In view of their 50,000 followers, the Rejoin EU supporters wrote: “The BBC’s most highly paid news anchor, @huwbbc claims ‘it’s clearly not the Government’s intention to obstruct people’s ability to vote’.

“Try doing some research before you claim the gift of telepathy, Huw.”

They went on to write: “At best, the government is attempting to ‘fix’ a problem that barely exists (voter fraud) while ignoring plenty that do (high rise cladding).

“At worst? It’s part of their ‘package of measures’ to remain in power for a generation #ToryCorruption #ToryDictatorship.”

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She said: “There’s quite a lot of strong words being thrown around here; some people accusing the government of some form of voter suppression, which, of course, is something that, well I’m sure the minister here would today, but Boris Johnson himself dismissed that yesterday as being ‘complete nonsense’.”

Huw replied: “Because people have been using the US example and saying, well, you know this is a way of… if you’re so inclined… it’s a way of restricting people, which I’m sure that minister, clearly, that’s not your stated intention.

“I know that, but do you have fears around it?”

Following their Twitter exchange, many of his followers flocked to his post to share their views.

One user commented: “It’s getting harder and harder.

“Once upon a time a hue could rely on a certain amount of honourability from an MP. Not these days.”

A second added: “You are fast becoming my favourite Twitter account. Cracking use of ‘Jog on’.”


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