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Husband and wife's huge row over… MATHS


He has now taken to Reddit to ask if it had been a mistake to encourage his wife to get her maths qualification.

He explained that it all started as the couple was applying for similar roles within the same company. She didn’t make it through the first round because she didn’t have a Maths GCSE.

The Reddit user said: “When we started our online applications, the first question was if we have GCSEs, including Maths and English. After answering our questions, I was able to proceed to the next steps but she wasn’t able to.

“She was pretty disappointed and left. I didn’t continue with the application and followed her to the bedroom and asked if she wanted to talk.”

The man first let his partner express herself; then, he suggested she do a course to get a Maths GCSE and re-apply for the company when a vacancy opens up again, or apply somewhere else.

He told the Reddit community that his wife “flipped” and felt like he was “indirectly calling her dumb”.

“I explained that I’m not calling her dumb – I would never say that let alone even think that,” he continued.

“I reassured her that I’m not telling her to get a degree from university.”

In fact, the man thinks most companies “prefer experience”. He said he still insisted she should do her Maths GCSE as “some places do have that as a minimum requirement”.

His wife concluded she doesn’t want to do the maths course nor talk about the matter again.

“The most I can do is advise,” he said in resignation.

“I will never force you,” he told her.” It’s your choice if you want to remove that restriction or obstacle. I will always be here for you, and love you.”

Recruitment agent Jackson Heywood, from Stafford, told The Mirror: “In this case, I don’t think the man was in the wrong, but it’s important to note that it really does depend on the job role.

“If it’s a media or design-based role, they might not even look at your GCSEs – it’s mainly A Levels that are focused on the most.”

There are also other options, he said: “There are always alternatives if they don’t have a Maths GCSE, like an ALAN test, which stands for adult literacy and numeracy.”

“I wouldn’t say don’t get your Maths GCSE, but it isn’t exactly a necessity unless your job role is specific to maths.”

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