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Hungry workers love to snack in the middle of the afternoon – with fave treats including crisps and toast


Brits have revealed ‘elevenses’ is no longer their favourite time to snack – it’s midway through the afternoon. 

Researchers polled 2,000 adults and found 3:48pm is the time we prefer to enjoy a little treat with voracious Brits looking for their next fix ahead of dinner time. 


Brits love an afternoon snack to keep them going before tea time[/caption]

However, nearly four in 10 end up sticking to the same old snacks simply because they’re there.

There was also a divide when it came to preferred treat, with 43 per cent enjoying savoury and 42 per cent preferring sweet options.

Taste Psychologist Greg Tucker, speaking on behalf of Peperami, who commissioned the research, said: “Snacking is about shifting the mood, it should be a ‘Me – moment of pleasure’, an ‘Escape from the dull’. 

“When lunch is a repetitive drudge then consumers who often anticipate lunch as a break that delivers a boost, will soon switch to a snack that covers the missing emotions, often shortly afterward. That is why we see post lunch snacking going up and elevenses become a thing of the past. 

“Great snacks are dynamic little fun factories – intense nuggets of enjoyment. If they become bland and every day, then they have lost their essential advantage. People can often feel disheartened looking into the fridge for long period of time when they’re hunting for a delicious snack. 

“However, to really get the snacking vibe, consumers need a genuine interruption that shifts the psyche – intrusive, dynamic and something that is a trigger of joy”. 

A further study also revealed those who are most likely to snack in the afternoon do so to keep them going until dinner time, while 47 per cent believe it to be the most likely time to need a boost. 

The kitchen cupboard and fridge are the usual haunts to search for a snack, while more than a quarter even have a secret snack box they trawl through. 

Amusingly, Brits will be stationed in front of the fridge on their hunt for a treat for more than three minutes each time. 

Despite their hunt, 37 per cent admit they know there’s nothing delicious waiting for them and they have to make do with a ‘boring’ snack.

And 53 per cent thought ‘elevenses’ was an old fashioned thing to do according to the research.

Of the ‘boring’ snacks on offer, adults usually make do with crisps, toast or a banana – while rich tea and digestive biscuits end up an underwhelming choice according to the poll. 


And adults look more in hope than expectation around the house for a hunger quenching snack. 

One in five searches each week will end fruitless due to cupboards and fridges not being stocked – with 36 per cent left stressed and anxious when there’s a lack of options on offer.

While more than half of Brits admit to lacking ‘snackspiration’ regularly – with 37 per cent admitting to getting jealous over other people’s munch. 

Pavan Chandra, from Peperami, added: “Clearly, everyone loves a snack – however, what they end up eating is seemingly a little underwhelming. 

“And it sounds as though people are putting in the work to find a delicious treat, but have lacked the inspiration to furnish themselves with some delectable delights in the cupboards and fridge.”


1.            Crisps

2.            Toast

3.            Bananas

4.            Digestives

5.            Rich tea biscuits

6.            Yoghurt

7.            Nuts

8.            Dried fruits

9.            Rice cakes

10.          Granola bars

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