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How to watch the Sasquatch documentary series online


Sasquatch is a thrilling docuseries from the Duplass brothers which tells the story of a triple murder investigation from the 1990s. In 1993, the murder took place on a marijuana farm in Northern California, and locals believe the mysterious Bigfoot was responsible. Express.co.uk has all you need to know about how to watch the series online.

How to watch the Sasquatch documentary series online

Sasquatch arrived in the US on Tuesday, April 20 and critics have already expressed their excitement.

One took to Twitter to say: “I don’t watch a ton of true crime, but this new @hulu series about a sasquatch murdering cannabis farmers scared the hell out of me and may have the best twist I’ve ever seen in a TV show.” [Sic]

Another added: “The most interesting true crimes are often the ones that sound so unlikely that they verge on fiction.”

The series is available to watch on the streaming platform Hulu, and viewers will need to be subscribed to the service.

Subscriptions start at $5.99 per month, with an $11.99 option for no ads. A one-month free trial is available for new subscribers.

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Director Joshua Rofé described the series as “a paranoid thriller meets graphic novel come to life,” according to ET Online.

He said the plan was to find the source of the murder story, and the hunt for its origin would be the most fascinating angle.

A trailer for the series has been released and it shows a local saying: “Somebody doesn’t have to be in our woods too long to feel like I might not belong here and something is going to take me out.”

The journalist leading on the series says this is “the craziest story” he has ever heard.

He had been working on a story about a cannabis farm when a man told him about three bodies that had been torn to pieces.

One was heard saying how many people have been killed in the area and have never been found.

The Hulu original series is sadly not available to UK fans, so they will not be able to watch the documentary just yet.

Hopefully, the show will be added to a UK streaming service soon, as it has received plenty of positive feedback.

One fan said on YouTube: “I have become obsessed with this subject and I am definitely watching this Hulu series. So freaking wild this is.”

Fans elsewhere are calling for the series to be added to Disney+ in the UK and Canada.

Another said: “I am watching the new Sasquatch documentary on Hulu and it is REALLY quite good.”

The series has raised plenty of questions as it investigates the famous legend in an entirely new light.

“Just watched the new doc on @hulu about Sasquatch and the only thing I can say is “Oh my god”.

“It’s not anything like expected and it’s left me with a lot of questions,” were the words of another viewer.

Sasquatch airs on Hulu from April 20.


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