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How to stop junk text messages and spam


When you get a spam message that wasn't labeled as such, don't just delete it. Hit the "report spam" button to train the algorithm to recognize these malicious messages better, Kim Komando advises.

Think about just how many times a day your phone, computer, tablet, watch, and other gadgets buzz or ding. It gets annoying and distracting.

Much of that is likely because you haven’t taken the time to clean up your notifications settings. It’s easier than you think with this quick tech fix.

While you’re adjusting settings, I bet you’ll find apps you haven’t used in ages. Tap or click for 5 apps you should delete right now.

Then it’s time to tackle the actual junk. If you’ve ever sighed at the sight of spam texts and emails, you’ll love this. Here’s a secret to throwing spammers off your trail:

The two words you shouldn’t say

Ever replied to a spam message with STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE? If so, you’re setting yourself up for even more annoyance. You rightfully think that you’re putting an end to the noise, but you’ll make it worse.


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