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How to stop condensation on windows: the FIVE ways to keep your windows clear


According to envirovent.com, two litres of water is emitted into the air in just one single load of washing.

That two litre figure can quickly double if the machine is not vented correctly, adding to the condensation in your home.

Dry clothes outdoors

Drying your clothes indoors is another no-go if you’re experiencing damp or mould problems in your property.

The moisture released into the air when drying wet clothes can contribute to excessive water particles in the air, further adding to your condensation problem.

If the weather is letting you down, and you don’t have access to a tumble dryer then shut an airer in your bathroom with open windows and close the door.

Use extractor fans

Turning on the extractor fan when cooking or showering will inhibit unnecessary moisture gathering in the air around your home.

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