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How to stop blood clots – the FOUR techniques to reduce your risk of blood clots


European countries have suspended AstraZeneca doses amid blood clotting concerns, with more than 30 cases across the continent. Although health authorities isolated these cases among the roughly five million people who have had the jab, various governments remain uneasy. Independent agencies such as the EMA and MHRA have identified the proportion of cases in vaccinated individuals is no greater than the rest of the population, where clots can develop under several circumstances.

Blood clots, otherwise known as a thrombus, develop when platelets rush to repair damaged blood vessels.

They attract other platelets to help their cause, plugging up the vessel and preventing more blood from getting through.

There are several risk factors for clots, including smoking, pregnancy and weight.

Express.co.uk has compiled a list of ways people can reduce their blood clot risk.

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Some people may not be overweight and have a condition that predisposes them to clotting.

In this case, the best cause of action is to start exercising.

Like moving around now and again, exercise will help blood flow and much more.


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