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How to sleep: Tips for getting a good night's rest when the clocks go forward


If you’re pretty good at following a bedtime structure, the change in timing can cause a bit of uneasiness. Even though the clock reads a certain time, your internal circadian rhythm might not agree. The circadian rhythm is an internal body clock that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. “When properly aligned, a circadian rhythm can promote consistent and restorative sleep,” said the Sleep Foundation.

However, if it’s thrown off kilter – which a change in time most certainly can do – then significant sleep issues can arise, such as insomnia.

Sleep issues can include struggling to fall asleep, waking up during the night, or waking up earlier than you’d like.

A disrupted circadian rhythm can result in “shallower, fragmented, and lower-quality sleep”.

Get a better night’s sleep

“How you prepare for bed can determine how easily you’ll be able to fall asleep,” said the Sleep Foundation.

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These activities might cause “mental stimulation”, which can cause difficulty with a restful night’s sleep.

If you notice that a relaxing activity, such as reading, keeps you alert instead, then take note that this doesn’t work for you.

Any activity that creates mental stimulation – whatever that may be – needs to be avoided half hour before you wish to fall asleep.

While in bed, if you find yourself tossing and turning for more than 20 minutes, you need to leave the comfort of your bed.

“Nicotine stimulates the body in ways that disrupt sleep,” explained the Sleep Foundation.

And even though alcohol is a depressant, and can make you feel sleepy in the moment, it disrupts your sleep later in the night.

It should go without saying that caffeine should also be off limits too, even way before you plan on falling asleep.

In addition, a bedroom should be cool, dark and quiet in order to have a good night’s sleep.


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