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How to sell your home faster – the 7 DIY hacks YOU should know


Selling your home for more doesn’t always have to be at a large expense and that’s why DIY is a sure-fire way to update and improve your property.

Everything from lighting to smarter storage solutions can make a world of difference to your home, making it more attractive to sellers.

Storage is key

Moving into a home can be overwhelming, especially in the modern day where we tend to accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’.

Making your home that little bit smarter by adding extra storage for potential buyers could be the difference between another month on the market, or a quick sale.

Shelving around a wall feature is a simple yet stunning way to illustrate a wall and create more storage space for potential buyers, while drawing focus to a point in the room.

The team at Online Mortgage Advisor recommends looking for areas where you might be able to include some hidden storage, perhaps under a dining bench or even in your bath panels.

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