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How To Relax Before Bed


If you had to list all of the healthy things you can do in life, what would you say? Perhaps you would mention exercise or a healthy, well-balanced diet or drinking enough water. These are, of course, all very important, but there is one thing that many people would miss out on when listing these all-important things; getting a good night’s sleep. 


Sleep is when the body is finally able to repair itself because the energy that would otherwise be used for waking activities can be diverted to other areas of the body. This is why, when you do sleep well and for long enough, you’ll wake feeling refreshed and productive. It’s why, even if you were beginning to get a cold, for example, you’ll wake without any symptoms. 


Unfortunately, many people find it hard to sleep well because they can’t relax properly before bed, meaning their sleep becomes disrupted; they don’t get enough of it, or they keep waking up in the night. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to relax before bed to help you sleep much more soundly. 


Establish A Bedtime Routine 

Having a bedtime routine might seem like something a child would need to consider, but the thing is, if it works for a child, it will work for an adult too, and there is certainly something to be said for having a routine like this. 


Around an hour before bed, you should start to properly wind down and put your routine into action. In this way, your body will relax, and your mind will go into automatic mode, helping you to feel sleepy and ready for bed. Your routine could consist of many things, including: 

  • Having a bath
  • Putting your pajamas on
  • Drinking a cup of herbal tea
  • Dimming the lights
  • Switching off devices
  • Reading a book


Put this plan into action, and after a while, you’re sure to start feeling much more rested. 



Sometimes it can be hard to sleep even when you implement a good routine, as we’ve mentioned above, and the biggest reason for this is being under too much stress. When you’re stressed, your muscles will be tense, and your mind won’t be able to stop thinking, and these things will make sleep much harder to come by. 


Although it’s much easier said than done, destressing as much as you can will certainly help you. Your bedtime routine will help with this, and it’s also a good idea to stay away from social media – it can be upsetting. If there is anything in particular on your mind, it’s often best to put it to one side and sleep; you’ll find that if you’re able to sleep well, you’ll be much more able to come up with an answer. You might realize that mobile storage containers from BoiseBox will help you with your upcoming move, or that you need to outsource a particular job in your business to help you be less stressed, or any number of other things. 


Try A Supplement 

Although it’s best to try to sleep naturally as much as possible, sometimes that’s just not going to happen; if you’re really stressed out and can’t seem to shake the problem, or you’re not feeling well, for example, you might find it hard. In this case, a supplement could be ideal. 


You shouldn’t rely on supplements to help you, and if you have long term sleep problems, a doctor is an ideal person to speak to, but every now and then, a supplement from a health food store, perhaps something that contains chamomile of valerian root, could be of use. 

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