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How to refresh a sheepskin rug – The surprising TikTok hack that will transform your rug


Sheepskin rugs are made from sheepskin with softer wool than the wool used in woven rugs. These luxurious rugs add texture, warmth and depth to a room and can be thrown over floors, sofas, chairs, beds, and pretty much anywhere you want. But how do you look after these rugs, and what do you do when yours becomes matted and flat? Express.co.uk reveals the surprising TikTok hack that makes your sheepskin rug look brand new.

A TikTok video with more than 2.8 million views has blown the minds of social media users who own sheepskin rugs.

The TikToker, @bleubruise, explains how she transformed her shabby-looking sheepskin rug into a fluffy cloud of soft, tame sheepskin.

This hack involves using something you definitely already have at home – a hairbrush!

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The video does not mention what to do to get rid of stains or spillages, but some people suggest popping your sheepskin in the washing machine or handwashing it.

If you choose to wash it in the machine, make sure you select a wool cycle at a low temperature and spin.

If you hand wash it, fill up a bath with lukewarm water and use specific sheepskin shampoo or baby shampoo.

Whatever you do DON’T scrub the rug or shampoo it like you would your own hair, you just need to swirl the water around the stains.


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