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How to reclaim lost Tesco Clubcard vouchers – shoppers missing out on huge savings


Tesco Clubcard allows customers to make huge savings on their weekly shop by collecting points which can be turned into cash vouchers. Remembering to use these vouchers can often be hard due to shoppers losing them or simply forgetting to check if they have any valid ones. In just a few steps, customers can check if they have any unspent vouchers which could see them save hundreds of pounds.

You need you email address, password and Clubcard number to access your account.

Once on the site, click on ‘my Clubcard account’ and then ‘vouchers’ on the left-hand side and there will be a table listing the vouchers that still need to be spent. 

If shoppers want to spend them online, then the code on the voucher can be imputed at checkout.

To spend in store, the vouchers can be printed to be used instantly. 

The huge savings can be made in your local Tesco store, excluding Express stores.

When you shop in-store, products included in the campaign will be marked with a promotional label so you can be sure to get the best deals.

Online, all items included in the sale will be highlighted in a box displaying the before and after price.

This week customers can get their hands on discounted cheese, pizza and Mr Kipling baked goods.

Those travelling to stores to pick up groceries should check Tesco’s coronavirus safety guidance in place.

This involves shopping on your own, wearing a face mask and staying two metres from other customers.

Supermarkets have regularly updated their shopping rules in line with government guidance.


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