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How to read a gas meter – dial and digital


If you don’t provide an accurate gas meter reading, your gas bill will be wrong or based on estimated usage. Taking your gas meter reading and sending it off to your supplier about four times a year prevents you from overpaying for your energy usage. Even if you underpay, you’ll rack up energy debt that will need to be paid back eventually so it’s worth getting it right in the first place. Express.co.uk chatted to Ant Wilson, one of Heatable.co.uk’s Gas Registered engineers, to find out how to read gas meters.

Regularly checking your gas meter stops you from paying more for your energy than you need to.

If you read your gas meter every few months, you’ll be able to spot trends in your energy use and figure out how much energy you actually use.

Not only will this prevent you from overpaying, but you might also realise that switching suppliers will get you a better deal for your specific energy usage.

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Once you’ve recorded the reading, there are a few things you need to do.

Check your most recent bill and compare the estimated reading to your actual reading to figure out if you’ve been overpaying or underpaying.

If you have been overpaying, you’re entitled to a refund. If you have been underpaying, you should probably contact your supplier to work out a plan to pay off the debt.

If you’re switching supplier, you will need to submit this reading to the old and new suppliers.


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