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How to paint your fence – the 5 steps to freshening up your fence


Spring is nearly here and you’re going to be spending more time in your garden. Nobody wants to look at a worn on, tired-looking fence, so it’s time to spruce up your fence. Express.co.uk chatted to Jimmy Englezos, Senior Product Manager at Ronseal, to find out how to freshen up your fence. Here’s how to paint your fence in 5 steps.


You can’t paint your fence on a wet day, you’ll need to wait for a good weather forecast.

Jimmy said: “Plan your project for a warm day when the weather is forecasted to be dry for the whole time you’re planning for the project.

“If it’s been raining, allow the fence to thoroughly dry out before starting (unless you’re using Ronseal FenceLife Plus, then you can get going five hours after rain as it sticks to damp wood!).”

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If you don’t want to use a brush, try using the Ronseal Precision Finish Pump Sprayer.

All you have to do is pour your Ronseal fence paint into the sprayer, pump it up and spray in a sweeping motion about 15cm away from the fence. You can use the precision setting or speed setting.

With this tool, you work in horizontal lines, dropping down and overlapping by around 50 percent with each new line. If you notice drips, then use a brush to brush through them.


When you’re done painting, wash your tools out in warm, soapy water, or if you’re using the sprayer then follow instructions on the box to clean the parts.

Remove the excess paint from the brush with a paper towel or clean cloth first and then dip it into the soapy water.

You can use a specific brush cleaner or just dishwashing soap, it’s up to you.

To find out more about how to clean paint brushes, click here.


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