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How to paint over bathroom and kitchen tiles – the 7 steps


Step four- Prime

Not to prime is a crime! Priming your tiles is very important as it will make sure the paint clings to the tiles.

The experts said: “Keep the layer of your coat thin and use a small paintbrush to allow you to cover your grout more effectively. After the primer is dry, lightly sand.”

Step five- Paint

For this step the experts at Tile Giant recommend using a brush, but if you prefer a paint roller feel free to use one of those instead.

They said: “The aim here is to apply the paint in thin layers to prevent large brush strokes or the chance of it peeling after a couple of weeks.

“If you’ve chosen to use a stencil, make sure it’s placed in the correct position and choose to work with a brush for this application. This gives you much more control over your paintwork.”

Most of the time, you’ll need around two coats but you may need to wait and apply additional coats if you are covering darker or patterned areas.

Don’t forget to open some windows to keep the humidity low and let any primer and paint dry properly.


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