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How to open a wine bottle if you don’t have a corkscrew – most women have it in their beauty cabinets


THE ONLY thing that can ruin having a glass of wine at the end of the day is not having a corkscrew.

Well, you’re in luck – because if you are a woman, or at least live with one, you can use your hair straightener to open it.


A craft expert revealed you can use a hair straightener to open a bottle of wine[/caption]


Just clamp it around the neck of the bottle[/caption]

Yes, your hair straightener.

The host of 5-minute crafts, Archie, shared a video after he had spotted a group of girls using their hair styling tool to start the party.

Immediately, he geared up with protective eyewear and gloves as he had a hair straightener heating up beside him.

Using a white wine bottle, he clamped the two hot plates around the neck of the bottle, where the corkscrew was lodged.

Within a few minutes, the heat started to make the cork push out of the bottle until it finally popped.

But you have to be super careful not to use the hottest setting on the straightener because it can make the wine boil.

And if that red wine that you just popped spilled everywhere – a mom shared the perfect way to get rid of the stains.

TikTok star Chantel – who boasts 566,000 followers on her Mama Mila account – revealed how SHAVING cream could be the answer to our cleaning woes.

Raving about her life hack, the Australian mom dubbed shaving foam the “miracle stain remover you didn’t know you had” – because after all, it’s effectively a form of whipped soap.

In a viral video that’s racked up over 3600 likes, Chantel walked viewers through how she uses the $1 product around her home.

First off, the mom says shaving foam works as a treatment for “spot cleaning” carpets.

Putting her method into practice, Chantel applied a generous amount on her rug, rubbed it in a little, and then left it to sit for a couple of minutes.

Next, she gave it a gentle scrub and was chuffed to see the spot had disappeared.

Secondly, the mom also used the foam to tackle a red wine stain on a white cloth.

She wrote: “Apply, let it settle in, and wash away [with water].”

Finally, Chantel raved about how it’s also gentle enough to remove grease stains from suede – which is famously hard to clean.

Changing her instructions slightly, Chantel said: “Apply, let it settle, and wipe away with a damp cloth.”

So how does it work? Well as influencer Lynsey Queen of Clean wrote on Instagram last year, shaving foam works by penetrating the stain and adding moisture – which makes it easier to remove.

She wrote: “Shaving foam is not just for shaving it is also an amazing inexpensive stain remover that works brilliantly on both carpets and mattresses.

“Just use warm water and a small soft brush or cloth and very gently rub into the stain leave for 10 minutes then rinse away. Then open up your cloth into a square and pat dry.”


The heat should create gas inside the bottle, which will push the cork out[/caption]


But be careful to not boil the wine[/caption]

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