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How to make 'frothy iced latte' at home without expensive coffee machine

Iced coffee is a summer essential for many, but replicating the coffee shop experience at home without a fancy machine can be challenging.

There’s nothing quite like an iced coffee to keep you caffeinated, cool, and satisfied. Regardless of whether you prefer yours with vanilla syrup, coconut milk or dairy, one woman has shared the perfect hack for a “frothy iced latte” – no expensive coffee machine required.

Danielle, who shares content on TikTok under the handle @daniellemsands23, demonstrated how to create a “quick and easy iced latte” using a simple water bottle trick to achieve the perfect level of froth.

Danielle used a glass with a straw that she’d purchased from Home Bargains, along with some milk, syrup, coffee, and ice to prepare her drink.

She revealed that the “trick” to achieving a “nice and frothy” texture is to “use a plastic bottle”. Initially, she poured some milk into the bottle, followed by instant coffee. She then added maple syrup to “give it a little bit of sweetness”.

Next, she explained that all you need to do is “give it a really, really good shake” to make the mixture as frothy as possible.

Danielle then showed her followers that she’d put “ice and milk in the cup”, and was ready to pour the frothy coffee into the milk. After giving it “another shake”, she poured the frothy concoction into the milk, resulting in a beverage that looked as good as a coffee shop drink.

As she poured it in, she exclaimed: “Wow, look at that!” Upon tasting it, Danielle confirmed that it was indeed “good”.

In the comments section, one user exclaimed: “Why did I never think of this? ! Trying this next time I have an iced coffee.”

To which Danielle replied: “It’s genius!! Works a treat. I always do it with my hot coffee to get a lovely foam on top! Saves bothering with any froth machine.”

Another commenter described it as looking “yummy”, prompting Danielle to respond: “I really need to get some caramel syrup!”


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